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We collaborated with Zscaler to evolve and energize its brand as a catalyst of transformational growth, paving the way for it to become a loved and recognized technology brand globally. Through this partnership, we invited Zscaler employees, partners, and customers to experience their world, secured.

“It’s security that doesn’t just stop bad things. It’s security that starts things.” – Jeff Rennacker,
Stakeholder Interview, March 2021

With the increasing threat of cyberattacks and data breaches on a global scale, security is top of mind for many. But with applications and data moving to the cloud, a new model of security was needed. One that wasn’t just a solution but a catalyst. A means to an end, not the end; enabling great transformation in people’s lives and powering the way we work. SaaS and cloud technology have made it possible to not only move past traditional methods of cybersecurity and eliminate attack surface, but ultimately secure our future.

As the largest security cloud on the planet, Zscaler has helped to usher in this new era of cybersecurity. For more than a decade, it has worked with companies of every size from startups to multinational enterprises to accelerate their digital transformation. With purposeful storytelling as an imperative, the Zscaler team approached us in 2021 with the task of elevating and energizing their brand around a vision of security as a proactive platform instead of a preventative measure.

The challenge was defying the decades-old perception of cybersecurity. Zscaler and the larger category were constrained by product-based storytelling—focusing on technical, reactive messaging rather than an aspirational vision for the worlds security could enable.

Through interviews, workshops, and internal research, we uncovered the insight of security as a conduit. Not as a means of stopping threats but unlocking potential. Not as a product but as a platform. Not as a network but as a transformative experience.

From this insight, our brand platform was born. One that acted as an invitation, calling on audiences to experience what security could mean to them and their worlds:

“Experience your world, secured.”

A platform that allowed us to ground our brand in security as an experience with the customer at the center of our story. This empathy-driven messaging gave way to a distinct visual language focused on the experience and outcomes of security—using a halftone texture that we deemed our “Experience Cloud,” bold colors, immersive illustrations, human photography, and more to tell our story and revitalize Zscaler’s brand behind the company’s purpose.

We collaborated closely with the Zscaler team from concept to launch, bringing to life our collective vision for the future of security. By the end of the project, we were able to build immense excitement around the brand at every level of the organization and beyond. We witnessed first-hand the adoption and engagement of this new Zscaler identity and mission from employees, customers, and partners alike. Through this collaboration, Zscaler has secured itself as an experience-based and transformational brand, paving the way for it to emerge as one of the most loved technology companies on the planet.

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