Gordon Rush

Gordon Rush

Reimagining the classics



Brand Strategy / Identity Development / Campaign Photography / Video Production / eCommerce Strategy / UX/UI Design / Media Placement



We partnered with Gordon Rush, a leader in men’s footwear for over two decades, to reimagine the classics, refresh its look and reputation in the industry, and position it as a leader in the growing eCommerce space.

There are some things in life that will always be classic: a chilled old fashion, the perfect white tee, or a quality pair of loafers.

Gordon Rush has been a leader in men’s footwear for over 20 years. Rooted in quality craftsmanship and timeless design, it brings classic styles to life through a modern lens. Its dedication to design and quality inspired how we brought the brand to life through new messaging, campaign production, and an eCommerce experience.

As we uncovered how to revitalize Gordon Rush’s brand, we discovered how the traditional retail model is changing every day. As retailers and brands are shifting their focus to rely more heavily on the online customer experience, our team worked with an ambitious four-month timeline to rethink how Gordon Rush connects to its customer and crafted an eCommerce experience that embodies its care for craft and quality.

With an inspired and fresh approach to imagery, we built a system that speaks to its heritage and history, and reimagined American luxury. To do this, we created a brand strategy focused on reenergizing classic styles through a modern lens. This strategy acted as a foundation for visuals and photography that emphasized the timelessness of Gordon Rush’s classic style, as well as an elegantly designed eCommerce experience that emphasized the craftsmanship and legacy of the brand.

Together, we built an identity and eCommerce experience for Gordon Rush that blended contemporary style with classic fashion to create a timeless and elevated brand experience. Through this project, we were able to set a foundation for Gordon Rush’s future as a leading fashion brand in the modern, changing commerce and retail space.

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