Every home is a Vylla.



Brand Strategy / Identity Development / Campaign Photography / Video Production / eCommerce Strategy / UX/UI Design / Media Placement



We partnered with Carrington, one of the world’s largest real estate companies, to create an identity for Vylla, a platform designed to radically simplify the homebuying process through simplified steps, guidance, and expertise.

The homebuying process is complex and frustrating. Different companies for each step of the process, an antiquated customer experience, and no one guiding you through the process from start to finish.

Carrington, one of the world’s largest and most trusted real estate companies, came to Grizzly with a compelling question. Could we build a brand that felt like a new day in homeownership? The result is Vylla. Vylla set out to radically simplify the homebuying process, helping people find, finance, and buy their homes on a single platform, with a Vylla expert by your side through the whole journey.

We worked closely with Carrington leadership to develop a brand strategy and visual identity that brought this vision to life. We then helped the team extend the brand to their collateral, product, marketing site, social, and retail environments that were launched around the country.

In our exploration of the brand and the role it could play in our broader culture, we found that accessibility to a wide range of audiences was crucial to bringing the brand to life. As a national brand, our messaging needed to be simple and relatable. Buying a forever home should be exciting but is different for everyone—different budgets, different styles, and different experiences.

A Vylla is a place to make your own slice of paradise and invest in your future. This campaign connected with key personas in the initial locations Vylla launched, and defined the brand for new audiences everywhere. We then extended this strategy into an identity that is both timeless and a breath of fresh air in a competitive space that oscillates between kitsch and luxury.

Through this partnership, we provided Vylla with a new name and idea: that every one of their homes is a Vylla. This campaign allowed us to position Vylla as a unique and memorable experience for customers. “Every home is a Vylla” acted as both a CTA and feeling that we want homeowners to experience, enabling them to kickstart their futures by purchasing a home.

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