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In the world of Physical Operations, much of the work happens behind the scenes, but its people are the unsung heroes who ensure our world keeps moving. Samsara connects businesses to possibility, using technology to increase safety, efficiency, and sustainability for what matters most: people. Grizzly helped connect Samsara to a customer-centric positioning through the evolution of its brand identity and campaign focused on introducing and educating the world about the possibilities of Connected Operations.

We often take for granted the convenience of fresh produce on the shelves, next-day delivery, and light at the flip of a switch. The truth is that all of these things travel great distances and require complex logistics and supply chains before making it to our homes and businesses, and whether we know it or not, we are the end benefactors of the Physical Operations industry.

Samsara, a leader in the technology and Physical Operations space, is on a mission to make the world of work safer, more efficient, and focused on sustainability by connecting people to progress to possibilities.

The Physical Operations industry accounts for 40% of the global GDP, but the people behind the work that keeps the world moving often go unsung and uncelebrated. This is because defining the industry in general has been challenging. Even more challenging is the industry’s adoption of emerging technology like AI, machine learning, and connected devices to replace its current operating platform: pen and paper. To capture the attention and buy-in of these world-moving industries, Samsara needed to not only define Physical Operations but also take charge of defining an entirely new category of Connected Operations.

Grizzly was engaged by Samsara to concept and develop an evolution of its brand identity system and a brand awareness campaign focused on introducing and educating the world about the power of Connected Operations. In the world of Physical Operations, people are at the heart of everything that moves. From the cows in the field to the milk at the grocery store chain, physical operations connect A to Z, producer to consumer, and people to the world around them. Through multiple workshops, customer interviews, and conversations with executive leadership, we surfaced a core sentiment that would drive this brand and campaign: everything great once started as impossible.

Out of this idea, we aligned on a campaign platform that would serve in two parts. First, as a call-to-action to prospective customers as we usher the industry into a new era of technology for Physical Operations. Second and perhaps most important, the campaign platform would highlight and hero the individuals behind the work that moves the world. “Connect your operations. Make more possible.” would become a line that heroed our campaign and spoke to Samsara’s impact in an industry that no other competitor could match.

Throughout the campaign concepting and development phase, we also used this engagement as an opportunity to bring new life into Samsara’s corporate brand and visual identity. Core to the existing identity, Samsara’s iconic “Sam” icon inspired a graphic language that we would extend to become a feature used to focus on photography, video, messaging, and a visual thread—connecting the brand to its customers in a human way.

Samsara 'Sam' Icon Technology Rebrand
Physical Operations Utilities Messaging
Male Physical Operations Worker
Technology Rebrand Typography and Color Palette
Technology Rebrand Campaign Assets Grid Design
Poster Series of Physical Operations Messaging
Laptop with Physical Operations Imagery for Technology Rebrand
Female Physical Operations Truck Driver Technology Rebrand
Physical Operations Customer Clover Campaign Messaging
Physical Operations Worker Campaign Asset UI Visual Design
Sanjit Biswas On Stage Technology Rebrand
Airport Advertisement with Physical Operations Worker Campaign
Mobile Phone with Instagram Ad for Physical Operations
Airport Advertisement with Female Physical Operations Driver Campaign
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