Let’s Operate.



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We crafted Corza Medical as the brand dedicated to delivering a better experience for surgeons, championing the remarkable services and exceptional choices Corza Medical provides for surgeons and the patients they prioritize.

For healthcare workers, the last several years have brought higher stakes and greater stress than ever before. And with that, there’s been a need for recognition of the amazing outcomes they’ve delivered for the patients they serve. But for surgeons, this recognition can get lost in the overwhelming medical device landscape focused on making deals over adding ease to surgeons’ lives. Surgeons need a partner that operates for them so they can focus on their patients, and that’s where Corza Medical comes in.

Formed out of the acquisition of Surgical Specialties Corporation and TachoSil by Corza Health, Corza Medical was an emerging brand looking to introduce itself and its purpose in the crowded medical space. To do this, Corza Medical needed a distinct brand identity that conveyed its new vision for how surgeons succeed in the OR.

Creating a new brand in a space dominated by established organizations can be a daunting challenge. With a blank slate for its new brand, Corza Medical needed to differentiate itself by prioritizing the most essential pieces of any medical procedure: the surgeon and the patient. To discover how we could embody this opportunity, we embarked on a collaborative journey with Corza Medical and fully immersed our team in the world of medical devices.

This collaboration culminated in Corza Medical’s new unifying brand platform:

Let’s operate.

Built on the premise of prioritizing surgeons so they can prioritize their patients, “Let’s operate” is an invitation. It’s a call to action for surgeons and medical practitioners to join a brand and family of products that have years of experience working side by side with them to create products they know and trust.

To maximize the impact of our brand platform, we created a flexible yet cohesive visual language that brought Corza Medical’s new family of brands under one roof. From color to type, we used robust systems to give the brand personality and definition across digital, print, and packaging.

The new brand palette includes bold, vibrant colors and hues to help differentiate from the cool, neutral tones characteristic of other brands in the category; while our range of sub-brand wordmarks make use of shapes and negative space as subtle cues for different surgical tools like scalpels and sutures. This comprehensive visual expression is distilled further into a simple primary wordmark, recognizable half-filled ellipse icon, and new lifestyle photography direction. All in all, the Corza Medical identity communicates the brand’s transformative power as well as the warmth and humanity of the surgeon-patient relationship.

Through this transformative brand and visual identity, we helped Corza Medical successfully integrate a global merger and build the next great brand in surgery. Together, we brought the founders’ vision to life, rallying employees around our energized brand story to build a joint culture for the merged organization. Beyond this, we created a design and brand architecture that paid homage to Surgical Specialties’ history while seamlessly integrating into the Corza Medical landscape, paving the way for continued growth for the organization with surgeons at the center.

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