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Research & Insights / Strategy Framework / Campaign Concept Development / Scriptwriting / Video & Stills Production / Motion Design

Just about everything we do these days requires a password. And as much as people try their best to remember and keep their passwords safe, a lack of awareness around password management has created bad password habits and an endless cycle of “Forgot your password?” requests. Keeper, the highest-rated password security platform, tapped Grizzly to create a brand awareness campaign that would educate audiences, define their brand voice, and make the company a household name.

The way we’ve thought about passwords is changing quickly. We’ve all been there—forgotten passwords, locked out, or compromised by malicious intent. But managing this password-packed world is easier than you might think. Meet Keeper. The highest-rated, most downloaded, and most comprehensive password security solution. It’s simply the best password management platform on Earth.

The idea of password security and management platforms is still relatively new. In fact, 50% of adults surveyed aren’t familiar with password management brands at all. Some write their passwords on sticky notes for anyone to see. Others may use the same basic password for every account, every profile, and every portal. The brands that are trying to solve these problems lack trust and reliability. As a growing brand in their category, the Keeper team came to Grizzly to show audiences a different way of doing things. We set out to not only educate their audiences on effective password management but also prove why their zero-knowledge platform is the best in the business.

We collaborated closely with Keeper on a wide-reaching campaign for brand awareness, targeting both the consumers who need password security in their personal lives and the enterprises whose success hinges on maintaining a robust security posture and operational efficiency. Our approach was to tap into the everyday realities of compromised or forgotten passwords in a way that’s simple, fun, and relatable for our B2C and B2B audiences—helping them build better password and cybersecurity habits.

Through a series of commercial spots, we created a campaign that embodies the feeling of life with Keeper—celebrating customers who made the decision to choose a better way to manage passwords. Building on the resurgence of remakes and reboots, we took inspiration from ‘80s and ‘90s nostalgia, bringing humor and humanity to a serious issue. Enlisting the help of Joe Esposito, famed singer and songwriter of “You’re the Best” from The Karate Kid soundtrack, we collaborated on our own rendition of the song—commemorating their “a-ha!” moments and decision to switch to Keeper. From the home office to the break room, we made Joe the living embodiment of the brand, calling upon him in different scenarios to accompany these celebrations with his signature power ballad. The result? A campaign that’s just as iconic as its jingle.

We helped Keeper tap into cultural relevance with password security at the center, orchestrating a brand campaign that’s relatable, enduring, and most of all—like any good password—unique.

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