Together, we’re unstoppable



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Today’s talent is looking beyond perks & benefits– they want to make meaningful contributions and play a valued role in shaping team and company culture. Grizzly partnered with Rubrik to create an employer brand that would give a voice to their team members to share their stories of what it means to be unstoppable.

More than ever before, employees are looking for growth, flexibility, opportunity, and purpose in their work. They want to be surrounded by others of shared values and vision– finding fulfillment in the work they’re doing to advance both their careers and the world at large. So much of the way the world works has changed and brands looking for top talent need to recognize this shift.

Rubrik is a different kind of tech company, determined to challenge the perception of what making an impact looks like and fully investing itself in its people by celebrating individuality, diversity and putting people first. After partnering on the successful relaunch of Rubrik’s digital experience , their team engaged Grizzly to build an employer brand campaign to uncover what truly differentiates their team members’, AKA Rubrikans, journey from the rest– showing that Rubrik is a place for global impact and long-term career development to both current and prospective talent.

To get to the heart of the Rubrikan experience, we went straight to the source. We interviewed and surveyed individuals across the organization in multiple departments to find out what it is that makes the brand and its culture so special. The consensus was that Rubrik is a catalyst– a springboard for talent that offers unstoppable momentum toward team members realizing their greatest potential and opportunity for growth.

It was on this idea that we built our campaign. “Together, we’re unstoppable.” is a rallying cry for the entire organization, both people and product, celebrating the collective team while also championing each individual’s unique story. Through capturing team member portraits, bold colors, energetic type, and visual elements, we painted a picture of an unstoppable team across video, web, and social.

Rubrik is on a mission to secure the world’s data, all while elevating and celebrating the 2,500+ doers that make it all possible. And more than its unparalleled tech, more than its leading-edge cloud security platform– what separates Rubrik from the thousands of companies in Silicon Valley are the faces, voices, and stories of those who dream of a better future– committing themselves to build it. This campaign provides Rubrik with a platform for telling stories that will stand the test of time. Because much like its employees, Rubrik is a brand that is resilient beyond measure.

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