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Pedal Electric

Exploration in motion.



Brand Strategy & Positioning / Stakeholder Workshops / Design Systems / Digital Design / Full-stack Development / Art Direction

There’s a resurgence in the world of commuting as more people opt for two wheels over four. The ebike industry is estimated to be nearly $100B by 2030, and Pedal Electric needed to capitalize on this demand and show up as the leader for the Conscious Commuter. We designed an ecommerce experience built on story— making it easier for customers to hit the road.

Since its inception, Pedal has catapulted onto the eBike scene, making a name for itself as a challenger to some of the current category leaders through its sustainable vision. Venice-based and inspired by the landscape of Southern California, Pedal’s product designs are built both for a commute around the city and for the adventures that take us off the beaten path. As consumers were looking for alternative ways to get around during and post-pandemic, Pedal had an opportunity to capitalize on its position in an industry where the demand was outpacing supply amongst its competitors. To do this, Pedal would need to reposition its brand and strategically target its audiences with compelling messaging and an e-commerce experience– making the road to purchasing a joyride.

Life can be a joyride– if you let it. Working closely with Pedal’s leadership, product design, and marketing teams, we pushed their brand from product-focused to mindset-driven. Targeting consumers with a life in motion, we captured the experience of owning a Pedal Electric bike while celebrating what people really want: a life where an instinct for adventure meets intention for the planet.

We repositioned and redesigned the Pedal brand to emphasize our mission and mindset, establishing a lifestyle brand that invites consumers along for the ride. In launching this new brand framework, we built a custom Shopify e-commerce experience designed to educate consumers and convert leads into sales for Pedal.

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