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Concept Development / Video Production / Post-Production / Animation / Illustration / UX/UI Design

We developed Chrome OS 4 Kids – a unique way to reach kids that’s native to Chrome: the bi-monthly OS update. Each issue of the immersive content series (shot remotely during COVID), highlights three creative influencers and approved Google content in different creative disciplines to inspire kids and make creating with Chromebooks more tangible.

There are more devices in the hands of kids today than ever before. Laptops, tablets, and phones have found their way into kids’ lives for learning at school (and at home) and for entertainment through gaming and content. This technology can be a pathway for learning and creativity, but during the pandemic, kids started thinking about Chromebooks as “the place I do my homework.” Chromebooks are so much more than that! We needed to reignite creativity and inspiration by reminding them that their computers are tools to create!

We worked closely with Google to develop a digital magazine that empowered kids to discover more ways to learn and create with Chromebooks. Our challenge was positioning this publication as a platform for imagination and innovation, giving students opportunities to stay engaged with a thoughtfully curated selection of apps and tools from Google Play and the Web.

To inspire every kid using a Chromebook to use the product in a new way, we created three issues of this new magazine focused on the topics of game design, art design, and video animation to expand the possibilities that the Chromebook could unlock. We brought these editions to life through vibrant illustrations; interviews with talent like Jesse Schell, Sophia Chang, and Jorge R. Gutiérrez; and a look at how kids could turn their inspiration into action using Chromebook apps.

We inspired over a million kids to explore their creativity with ChromeOS. The pilot was launched with 3 separate OS updates to the target audience, and delivered 150% higher CTR than the baseline and 3x higher content engagement than any other content in the Explore App.

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