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Alila Hotels and Resorts is a luxury offering of the Hyatt hospitality group. With 17 properties in the United States and Asia, Alila provides guests with authentic experiences that connect them with the surrounding community, culture, and landscape. We brought Alila’s one-of-a-kind guest experiences to life with elevated films that tell each property’s unique story as the brand launched officially in the US.

New to Hyatt and the US, Alila needed to build awareness for the brand and show guests the unique experiences that are a critical part of what makes the Alila stay a luxury must-have. Alila came to us to create elevated content their California locations as part of a website refresh, but needed a way to paint a bigger picture than the traditional hotel “vanity reel.”

Travel is an experience, and luxury travelers expect their experience to be like no other. In a sea of California luxury hotel destinations we found a way to show potential customers what makes Alila different by highlighting the one-of-a-kind experiences available at each property with elevated films highlighting each unique offering available to guests.

From driving classic cars on the 101 overlooking the Pacific, foraging for the ingredients for your cooking class, and a trail run through the redwoods in Bug Sur, to painting classes in the vineyards, a private tub on your balcony in the trees, and a sound bath cleanse with local aromas in Napa Valley, we showed why the Alila experience is truly one-of-a-kind. Our beautiful films introduced Alila’s audiences to the properties in ways other luxury collections don’t. That means at a critical time for the brand, people are associating the properties with the brand and we’re manufacturing exclusivity.

Additionally, there was a business driver for this strategy. People visit Alila Big Sur and Napa to unplug, reconnect with themselves, and connect with the surrounding area. The average guest booking was two nights. A quick weekend getaway. Our key insight? Guests can still unplug, but if they designed their stay around “must-do” experiences they can only have at Alila, they’ll be more likely to extend their stay to three or four nights and get the authentic Alila stay.

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