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Health Ade Pop
Health-Ade Pop

Everything you ever wanted. In a can.




Communications Planning / Brand Voice & Messaging / Copy & Script Writing / Content Development / Campaign Development / Motion & Still Production / Visual Design

As the leading kombucha brand in the United States, Health-Ade partnered with us on an integrated campaign to launch Health-Ade Pop, a new prebiotic soda that pairs great flavors with real functional benefits for your health and gut.

Across the food and beverage industry, we’ve seen a shift in culture toward healthy alternatives as guilty pleasures. From the Impossible Burger to vitamin-infused alcoholic seltzers, buyers have found ways to bring health into their everyday habits and pleasures in ways that have never before been possible.

Health-Ade, the U.S. market leader in kombucha, decided to take advantage of this shift to reach carbonated soft drink consumers who were fed up with the current choices and wanted to try something new. Building off of this movement, Health-Ade developed a prebiotic pop with the goal of pushing soda drinkers to a healthy, tasty alternative while expanding the influence and popularity of the Health-Ade brand.

To create an impact on the already massive soda category, we worked closely with Health-Ade to discover how it could break through the fizz with an integrated brand campaign to establish how its healthy, prebiotic alternative could actually compete with the best qualities of soda while providing health benefits for a happy gut.

As we dove into what set Health-Ade Pop apart, we found that from its delicious flavors to its healthy outcomes, Health-Ade Pop was almost too good to be true. Inspired by this insight of pleasantly surprising satisfaction and with just a hint of cheekiness, we arrived at the platform line: “It’s everything you’ve ever wanted in a can.” We brought the benefits of Health-Ade Pop into a larger-than-life, vibrant, and comedic world that takes after classic infomercial marketing. Our campaign stretched across vibrant product photography, energetic digital ad executions, and more—helping us establish a unique voice to parallel our extraordinary product in the soda space.

Through our partnership with Health-Ade, we enabled a renowned category leader to challenge a new, even bigger category. With this bold campaign serving as an inflection point for the business, we helped introduce a new favorite for soda lovers everywhere that will continue to drive Health-Ade Pop’s growth for years to come.

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