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There has never been more fitness innovation, apps, products, and trends – yet most people still “fall off the fitness wagon.” We gave Future an iconic platform and call to action – “Here we go” – as a way to codify their role in fitness culture, shape their brand personality, and invite Future members on the journey to fitness consistency.

There has never been more fitness innovation, apps, products, and trends – yet most people still “fall off the fitness wagon.”

Future, the award-winning app that’s changing the personal fitness category, has launched its new brand platform and campaign, “Here We Go,” which celebrates the partnership between Future members and coaches on the journey to fitness consistency.

Fitness isn’t a goal, a destination, or an ideal. It’s a lifelong journey. And there’s no substitute for having a coach — to motivate, plan, and guide you on the path toward your potential. That’s the genius at the heart of Future. Led by creative agency Grizzly, the campaign showcases the lives of individual people (new moms, athletes recovering from injury, and older fitness devotees) and their relationship with real Future coaches. The rest of the fitness category is full of young, ultrafit people working out in stylized situations, but Future wanted to show how the platform is for real people, supported by professional coaches, who work together to reach real goals with personal training made to fit their lives.

Amy Kepler, VP, Marketing at Future, says, “When I joined five months ago and dug into some of our members’ insights, it struck me that intimidation remains one of the biggest reasons why people – and women, especially – don’t try personal training. I love how this campaign leads with warmth and humanity to showcase how having a Future coach in your corner makes sustainable, consistent fitness so achievable for so many people.”

Future offers unlimited personal training for under $200/mo. The average personal trainer costs $1200/mo. Future is the largest provider of personal training in the US, and their professional coaches build personalized plans designed around your schedule and your goals. Members can select the coach that’s right for them and tailor their experience to their needs. The ‘Here We Go’ campaign launched in August 2023 and it will live across Future’s paid, earned, and owned digital channels.

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