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As California’s premier life science member organization, Biocom California helps life science leaders save, scale, and see return on innovation. We partnered with the Biocom California team to help accelerate growth through a comprehensive rebrand centered around progress.

The brand approached Grizzly to help build a comprehensive identity rebrand and brand strategy. With this rebrand, the team wanted to mobilize their more than 1,500 members but also give prospective organizations a glimpse into what California’s life science industry is doing to improve human health outcomes.

Throughout its growth, Biocom California has been driven mainly by one thing: progress. By definition, progress is the movement toward something better. It’s like the tide—always flowing. Even the smallest ideas move us forward, but the really big ideas make massive waves. The brand has always been a steady partner; a reliable beacon of progress—taking continuous and courageous steps to accelerate life science in California. This mindset captures how it shows up each day to meet new challenges, both capable and committed.

Informed by the idea of progress, “Accelerating life science” became our north star—the internal source of truth for all of our work. This brand platform is not only a cohesive user experience across all touchpoints but also a foundation that will outlive a single campaign and build a long-term brand, here in California and beyond. It’s about fighting for a world where life science can thrive. Whether it’s shaping public policy, opening doors to unparalleled savings, or helping our members find access to capital—Biocom California is building a stronger network of relationships across the state and helping create the workforce of the future. These tenets inspired a radiant new icon called “the burst,” a radically simple type system, optimistic color palettes, and photography that feels grounded and human.

Together with Biocom California, we sought to capture nearly three decades of discovery and envision a world where yesterday’s challenges become tomorrow’s breakthroughs, from fighting global hunger to creating diagnostics for infectious diseases. Since kicking off this project with them, Grizzly has been a partner the Biocom California team has turned to year in and year out to build upon the spirit of “Accelerating life science” with several exciting initiatives. Like the industry itself, the identity we created is ever-changing and will evolve as the brand evolves. Because science is never done, and neither are we.

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