Leap Forward



Brand Strategy / Naming / Identity Development

A groundbreaking new brand built to help gym and studio owners manage their spaces approached us needing a name and visual identity. Through a creative and collaborative partnership, we developed Walla; a brand creating a leap forward in studio management software.

Your local gym is a place for wellness, fitness, and community. From rock climbing to yoga to dance, people look to exercise as a form of relief. But these spaces aren’t free from tension. Gym members need the time, discipline, and encouragement to show up on a regular basis; and gym owners (or studio owners, as we call them) need to manage their businesses while keeping their members active and engaged. And on top of that, traditional gyms have been forced to adapt. The fitness space has become increasingly saturated with the emergence of digital alternatives like online classes; influencer coaching sessions; and at-home, connected exercise equipment. Studio owners face an uphill climb on two fronts: retention and competition.

In 2021, we were approached by Doug Hecht, former CEO at Lymber then COO at MINDBODY after its acquisition of Lymber. He came to us with a vision for a company that could transform the studio management and fitness technology industry. Up to that point, progress in the category was slow moving and the only dominant player was MINDBODY. With his proven expertise in the business, he wanted to challenge what was possible by introducing a studio management software that could truly impact culture.

After having many conversations with Doug and his business partner Laura Munkholm about the opportunity they saw in the market, we uncovered that—for studio owners—what often starts out as a passion project can quickly become daunting when the complexity of running a studio gets in the way of its purpose. Studio owners needed the tools to get the most out of their businesses and a partner to carry and support their growth.

To position the new brand as this much-needed partner, we named the startup Walla after the wallaby. Wallabies carry their young in a pouch as they leap forward, much in the way that this product helps studios grow in leaps and bounds. We brought the animal’s unique physique to life with a custom W and wordmark that feel like they could spring off the page. We carried this kinetic energy through to the identity with clever messaging, vibrant colors; playful illustrations; spontaneous doodles; inclusive photography; and quirky, approachable typography. All of these elements came to life across various mediums from digital and social to OOH.

Following our engagement with Walla, the brand has hit every fundraising goal it has set and maxed out on new clients onboarded to the platform, leaving room for continued and sustained growth. By laying the foundation for Walla, we have ensured that it will be set up to take studio owners and their businesses a leap forward for years to come.


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