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Brand Strategy / Identity Development / Messaging Framework

We partnered with Slalom, a Seattle-based consulting firm focused on strategy, technology, and business transformation, to reimagine its positioning, identity, and digital platform to build a lasting, more impactful brand experience.

When companies need to tackle ambitious transformation projects and grow in new ways, they need a different kind of consulting company. One that not only inspires change and redefines what’s possible, with talent and a culture dedicated to constant innovation. A consultancy like this not only helps businesses reach their goals, but it helps them love their future. And that consultancy is Slalom.

Slalom is a global, Seattle-based consulting firm focused on strategy, technology, and business transformation. With an innovative approach to consulting that needed to be revitalized for a changing category, the Slalom team approached us with the task of building a new strategy, visual identity, and digital experience for their brand.

As we explored the possibilities of Slalom’s new identity, we found that the brand was considering adopting a position more like its competition, abandoning its already memorable positioning “Love Your Future.” However, Slalom had the opportunity to continue owning and carving out its space among competitors just like it had in the consulting world for years before. So we brought new life and meaning to “Love Your Future”, connecting the tagline to Slalom’s unique story and difference.

We crafted brand values in support of a new mission: personal connection at global scale. This new brand foundation and story translated into a comprehensive identity system and digital experience that set the stage for an excited and energized internal culture.

Beyond our new brand strategy, we wanted to design a new ecosystem for brand expression at Slalom. It was about more than scaling the new identity; Slalom’s design system needed to have the same character as its differentiated position. Our team worked iteratively to build and test a new and expressive atomic design framework that would give our new content tremendous variety and rhythm, and scale as the brand grew. In implementing this new design system, our team led both front- and back-end development, including the development of new workflows and tools that would speed implementation time for the brand’s digital experience.

Following our collaboration, Slalom has experienced meteoric growth—winning awards, opening new offices, and engaging new global clients as a direct result of brand efforts.

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