Right from the start.



UX Strategy / UI Design / Illustrations & Iconography

When it comes to cloud security remediation, if you’re just keeping up, you’re already behind. Dazz is a cloud security platform that connects security and development teams to a single view of alerts from cloud to code– accelerating remediation times and reducing complexity so businesses can keep doing what they do best. Grizzly worked with Dazz to launch the brand out of stealth-mode by creating an elevated enterprise digital experience and product story.

The cloud security landscape is complex– constantly changing with the pace of business and technology. Security teams can easily become inundated with alerts of threats from their rolodex of tools used to identify risks. The reality of cloud security today is that the industry has over-indexed on detection tools and not enough on remediation tools or technology created to help fix the problem where it started. Enter Dazz, the remediation cloud. Founded by cybersecurity experts and veteran Microsoft employees, Dazz was founded in 2021 with the sole purpose of closing the gap between detection, prioritization, and remediation for security and development teams.

While solving problems for a complex industry, Dazz’s approach to remediation is simple: discover, reduce, and fix issues before compromise can happen, all in one centralized platform. As Dazz’s notoriety and presence as a leader in the industry grew, they knew they needed a partner who could help articulate the power of their product and build a compelling visual storytelling platform– establishing the brand as a game-changer for cloud security teams.

Dazz came to Grizzly with a challenge: to launch their brand out of stealth mode and elevate their digital experience in a way that differentiates them from others within the industry. With years of experience in the cybersecurity and cloud data security space, we were eager to partner with Dazz in creating an experience unlike any other.

After a thorough discovery session and digital workshops, pinpointing the brand’s vision, personality, challenges, and value propositions, we found a consistent theme throughout– cloud remediation shouldn’t be painful. Dazz’s culture of whimsy and fun translates into its view of how people should perceive the critical work they do to secure their data. With this in mind, we designed a digital experience and expression of their product that integrates simplicity and humanity. This meant making use of a range of bright colors, a flexible shape system, rounded UI design elements, and a completely custom suite of product icons and illustrations alongside unabashedly simple copy. Using Dazz’s preliminary brand framework, we created an expanded brand and design framework that underscores their brand purpose and personality.

Digital experiences are fertile ground for brand storytelling, and Dazz is a prime example. We created a website that helps organizations understand the power of Dazz’s remediation cloud and their ability to discover, reduce, and fix issues right from the start.