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Ankari Floruss Named “Best Emerging Brand” at PROJECT Show

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Founded by two of today’s top menswear influencers, Ankari Floruss partnered with Grizzly to reimagine their brand and digital experience in July of last year. Ankari Floruss attended their first Project Show recently, and took home “Best Emerging Brand” of 2019.

Grizzly has worked closely with Ankari Floruss to refine their visual identity, build story into their brand experience, and redesign their e-commerce store. Over an ambitious timeline of 4 months, we built a new brand platform, culminating in a campaign around their nationwide launch with Nordstrom.

PROJECT Show is an industry-leading fashion event that brings together brands and influencers who are making an impact and bringing great design to consumers.

We’re excited to celebrate this acheivement for Ankari Floruss and looking forward to what’s ahead as we continue to support their growth.