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Adventure as a Philosophy

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The Spirit of Adventure

At Grizzly, we infuse adventure into everything we do—from our ideas, to our communication, to how we live our lives. Adventure to us is more than a buzzword or a catchphrase. It’s a philosophy that enables us to guide not only brands but our people, onward to create the best work of our lives.

Adventurous Employees

Our people are at the heart of everything we do. As an independent agency, we uphold a people-first, creative culture that ignites our spirit of adventure as a team.

For starters, we see the value in looking outside of work for creative breakthroughs. Whether it be a vacation to an inspiring destination, a day-trip adventure, or a summer afternoon beach trip, we encourage our people to take the space and time to find what fuels them to be the best they can be for our clients and culture. From our expedition grant program to our quarterly adventure days, to our flexible work-from-wherever policy—adventure informs every aspect of our internal culture.

Through these initiatives, we believe we’re able to produce better work in every department—from creative, to production, to strategy. You may see motifs about the outdoors, travel, and destinations throughout our work—and this is for good reason. We believe that this culture of adventure not only gives us time to recharge, but it inspires us to dream bigger, using the world around us as our muse for creative problem-solving.

Beyond this, we view every project as a path where we learn, discover, and take in the scenery along the way. We encourage open communication and collaboration within our team and with our clients, navigating the journey together to redefine what’s possible along the way. And we ask that our clients be ready to embark on this adventure with us.

Adventurous Brands™

This spirit extends to the Adventurous Brands we partner with. For us, Adventurous Brands imagine a radically different world and shape the future. They drive growth and create value for people and planet. And with us as a collaborative partner, these brands are able to navigate change, challenge convention, and impact culture.

In our work, we see brand not as a layer of dressing on top of a formed company, but as something that comes from within, acting as a compass to guide a brand onward for internal employees, audiences, and the world at large. Because of this, the brands we partner with need to be willing, ready, and invigorated to take this journey.

In this process, our spirit of adventure enables better outcomes for the organizations we partner with. Whether it be growing their role in the world, energizing internal cultures, or driving tangible business outcomes, the Adventurous Brands we’ve partnered with have seen the success of this philosophy firsthand.

Final Thoughts

Adventure is at our core. It informs everything we do and enables us to create unmatched work and unrivaled outcomes for our clients. So whether you’re an employee, a client, or someone just getting to know us—we encourage you to adopt this spirit, and start your adventure.