Downtown San Diego

Downtown San Diego

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Research & Insights / Persona Development / Brand Strategy & Positioning / Copywriting / Identity System / Visual Design / UI/UX Design / Web Development / Wayfinding / Photography / Video Production

Downtown San Diego needed an identity. Not just a logo. Not just an aesthetic. Downtown didn’t know what it stood for, or where it was going. In 2016, Grizzly worked with the Downtown San Diego Partnership and dozens of community stakeholders to find the heart of Downtown’s identity and create the future.

We leveraged insights from hundreds of hours of community workshops and stakeholder interviews to develop Downtown’s new brand position and identity. Our key insight? The target audience was excited about the potential to be a part of the future.

You never forget what it’s like to fly into Downtown San Diego. The city right outside your window, where blue sky meets blue water, and the skyline rising into the sky. It feels like untapped potential, growth, and the promise of a new day. It feels like home. Our identity grew from this insight, leveraging a flexible, graphic window to build a robust visual system.

With a compelling new identity built on an invitation to participate, our team crafted a campaign, “The future feels like…”, to launch Downtown’s brand, and reach specific audiences locally and around the state.

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